This I C E “Stress Less” Workshop explores research-based, innovative, creative, and effective tools and techniques* to ‘cool’ stress.  

Unmanaged, stress results in lack of clarity and poor decision-making. It is a common precursor of Alzheimers.
Prolonged and unchecked, stress can:
— suppress your immune system
— upset your digestive and reproductive systems
— contribute to health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes
— speed up the aging process.  

Join us to learn how to make stress work for you. Build your own toolbox of strategies and resources to effectively manage the inevitable stressors in your life.

Shirley Berry is a certified Brain Fitness Coach with the Spencer Institute and holds certificates in Biohacking Brain Health, The Brain Story, and Cognitive Fitness. She is a Distinguished Toastmaster and
experienced workshop Leader 

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